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10657 165th St W Lakeville, MN 55044

Don't Guess With Weight Loss...TEST!

Most programs on the market are a cookie cutter 1 size fits all approach! Not ours! We believe no two patients are the same and this is why our system is completely tailored and customized based upon how YOU react to various foods. 

​One patient may react to gluten, whereas the next person may react to carrots or dairy.

Our System:

  • Is Customized (95 Foods Tested + Candida)
  • Doctor Supervised
  • 60 Days - Average 3-5 Pounds Per Week
  • No Calorie Restriction - Eat As Much As You'd Like 

​Our System Is Clinically Proven With Thousands Of Success Stories All Across The Country! 

Watch Some Patient Testimonials Below:

We Get To The Underlying Cause! 

Is there a Thyroid / Hormonal condition? Fatigue? Cold? Hair loss? Depression? 

​Is there Adrenal Dysfunction? Insomnia? Can't tolerate stress? Anxiety? Stubborn belly fat? 

Is there Liver Dysfunction

Is there Ovary Dysfunction? Weight gain in hips, thighs and buttocks? Infertility? Hot flashes? PMS? Cyclic brain fog? 

The inability to lose weight and keep it off can be related to a number of other factors including, but not limited to, heavy metal toxicity...diet...lifestyle stressors etc. 

Think of our system as a SOLUTION to your weight loss struggles, not just a short term quick fix.

At Natural Health Solutions, we will review your past medical history, perform the necessary testing (food testing etc.) and provide you a specific protocol for optimal results! 

We provide follow-ups with the doctor...body composition analyses...measurements and we'll hold you accountable! 

Call today for an initial consultation (in person or phone) with the doctor!